Homemaker Services


Homemaker Program

Homemaker services are provided to the elderly or disabled who need assistance in their homes with activities such as light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, grocery shopping or other errands. There are no hands-on services provided and a Physician/Provider order is not necessary.

Homemaker services are generally not billed to or reimbursable by most insurances and are a private pay fee only. The exceptions to this are Homemaker services provided to certain Medicaid Waiver clients, Homemaker services provided to a Hospice client in their home, and some Veterans Administration payers.

Elderly Waiver and Health & Disability Waiver are Medicaid-funded programs that will reimburse for Homemaker services. Hospice can provide Homemaker services to a client in their home as part of the Hospice benefit reimbursement. Some VA payers will reimburse for Homemaker services if the VA determines there is a need for the service to assist the veteran to remain in their home.


Respite is provided by the Homemaker program to allow a caregiver in the home to get a break from their caregiving duties. A Physician/Provider order is not necessary. There is no hands-on service provided to the client, but the Homemaker may sit with the client, read to them, play cards or games, etc. so that the caregiver may leave the home for a short time. Respite costs are covered by a grant from Elderbridge. There is no charge for the service as long as grant funding is available. If the funding is used up, then services will be private pay and billed to the client/caregiver at the same rate as Homemaker services. Respite is provided for short spans of time and during normal Agency work hours.