Waivers - Health Program Descriptions

Brain Injury Waiver Program

The Brain Injury (BI) Waiver Program began providing services through CCHHH&PH in May of 2003.  The Bl Waiver Program provides Home and Community Based Services to persons diagnosed with a brain injury in order for the client to be able to remain in his or her home for as long as possible.

CCHHH&PH receives referrals for the BI Waiver services through Crawford County DHS.  Brain injury may result from such things as trauma, stroke, bleeding in the brain, a tumor, or multiple other causes. The services provided through CCHHH&PH at this time are Supported Community Living (SCL) and Consumer Directed Attendant Care (CDAC). SCL involves assistance to the client with community and daily living skills. Goals are set by the client or family to work towards. CDAC provides assistance to the client with self-care tasks, which the client would otherwise do for him/herself if able. Home Care Aides provide the services in the client's home and in the community. Home Health Nurses are utilized as necessary.

Case Management Program for the Frail Elderly / Elderly Waiver

Case Management Program for the Frail Elderly (CMPFE), which includes the Elderly Waiver Program, has been an active program offered by Crawford County Home Health, Hospice & Public Health since September 1996. CMPFE is
comprised of two components, Elderly Waiver and Case Management. Case Management is available to any person regardless of income, who is age 60 or older. Case Management identifies the need for and coordinates community resources to be utilized.

Any person who chooses to participate in Case Management can access nutrition and/or mental health counseling paid for by
the Elderbridge Agency on Aging. Senior Living Grant monies are also available to provide services. Elderly Waiver is a Medicaid program made available to any person who is age 65 and older who meets two criteria: nursing home level
of care and income that does not exceed 300% of the maximum monthly Social Security payment for one person. Level of care is determined by the Iowa Foundation for Medical Care (IFMC), and income eligibility by the Iowa Department of Human Services.

For the person who meets both criteria, the goal is to provide enough services for the elderly person to remain in his or her
own home as long as possible. CCHHH&PH offers nursing, home health aide, homemaker, and respite care to eligible clients, and Medicaid provides financial assistance for prescription medications, assistive devices, and medical/hospital bills. The Crawford County Case Management Team, which includes other providers in the county, meets once a month to discuss new clients and to review active CMPFE clients. CCHHH&PH serves as the facilitator for all clients in Crawford County regardless of agency providing services.

Mental Retardation Waiver Program

The Mental Retardation (MR) Waiver Program has been an active program offered by CCHHH&PH since 1994. The MR Waiver Program provides home and community-based services to children and adults diagnosed with mental retardation.

The MR Waiver Program is designed to assist families with keeping their mentally retarded family member in their own home with the highest degree of independence for as long as possible. CCHHH&PH provides Supported Community Living (SCL) services to the MR consumer who meets eligibility per the recommendation of the Crawford County Department of Human Services.

The goals for SCL include personal and home skills training, individual advocacy, community skills development, and personal environment support. Although exceptions to policy can be made, a maximum of 52 hours per month of SCL is provided to the MR consumer.

CCHHH&PH Home Care Aides who provide SCL receive continuing education to meet the individual needs of the consumer. Skilled nursing is utilized when the consumer has a health condition that requires a doctor's order. Home Health Aide services are provided to the consumer in his or her family home and in the community, and are billed to Medicaid.