Public Health

HCCMS Family Health Services

The MCAH Programs receive funds from the federal Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant Program . Services are family-centered, community-based, and culturally sensitive.


The Maternal Health program promotes the health of women, pregnant women, and their infants through access to preventive health services, especially for low-income families or families with barriers to accessing health care. The Child Adolescent Health program promotes the health of children, youth, and adolescents by providing health care services through a collaboration between public and private providers. The Family Planning program promotes the health of persons of reproductive age through access to reproductive health services.

Programs and services available through these grants include Maternal Health, Child Adolescent Health, Child Care Nurse Consultant, Hawki Outreach, I-Smile, I-Smile @ School, and Family Planning. Because the agency is an MCAH provider, we are also able to provide the 1st Five Healthy Mental Development Program.

Specific program information is available under the Child Adolescent Health, Maternal Health, and Family Planning sections of the website. You can also call the office or visit,, or for more information.

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