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Crawford County Home Health, Hospice & Public Health

COVID-19 Phase 1B

The state released Phase 1B recommendations and the priority groups are 75 years old and older and along with some additional populations. You can find the list in its entirety at https://idph.iowa.gov/Emerging.../Novel-Coronavirus/IDAC....

All providers who have access to the COVID-19 vaccine must follow the same guidelines issued by the state. This includes medical clinics and pharmacies. Our local planning group will be meeting to determine which groups we will concentrate on first given the limited amount of vaccine we will likely have.

The Iowa Department of Public Health will make the determination to move to the next phase and has indicated that it will start no later than Feb. 1. We will use our webpage, Facebook, Twitter, and our local newspaper and radio station to make additional announcements.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through the vaccine process.

COVID-19 Vaccinations are available at no cost. Donations to offset the expenses are greatly appreciated.

View the COVID-19 Vaccination Dates in February (PDF)

View the Calendar for COVID-19 Vaccination Dates & Times In February

Flu Vaccinations are available
Please call the office at 712-263-3033 to schedule a time.

Crawford County Home Health, Hospice & Public Health meets the community's needs through providing public health, home health, hospice, and homemaker services. Crawford County Home Health, Hospice & Public Health has been Medicare certified since May of 1974 and Hospice certified since May of 1999. Public Health services have been provided to the citizens of Crawford County since 1951. The agency is a non-profit organization serving under the direction of the Crawford County Board of Health and receives financial support from the Crawford County Board of Supervisors.

Crawford County Home Health, Hospice & Public Health believes in the human rights of each individual, the value of life, and the goal of achieving the highest standard of health possible for each individual served. The agency believes that these services provided are an important part of the health care delivery system.  It is also believed that a home environment in many cases can enhance and encourage individuals to strive for optimal health. To achieve this goal, coordination and planning must involve the physician, other service providers, and educating the client and/or family. Optimum quality care is important to meet the community health needs.

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