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Crawford County Home Health, Hospice & Public Health

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Iowa Department of Public Health is updating the number of cases regularly on their website. They also have guidance information available. To access this information, please visit: https://coronavirus.iowa.gov/

The health of our community is very important so we are working hard to continue to provide services while doing our best to protect our staff and community. Our employees continue to provide services. However, many services have been modified or temporarily suspended.

Home Health & Hospice services are continuing and we are accepting new clients.

Family STEPS home visitation program services are being provided through virtual options. We are accepting new clients for this program.

Child & Adolescent Immunizations: Program services are by appointment only. If your child is due for immunizations and you’d like to schedule an appointment, please call our office and ask for Mary Ellen.

Lead testing for children ages 1 through 5 years is provided during the immunization clinic. If you have a child that needs lead testing for preschool or kindergarten, please call our office and ask for Mary Ellen. She will be able to give you the next clinic date and schedule a time to get your child screened.

We continue to provide assistance with Hawki applications (children) and Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility applications (children and pregnant women). If you need help signing up, please call our office and ask for Renae (children) or Mary/Deb (pregnant women).

Family Planning exam services with our ARNP have been temporarily suspended. However, we continue to provide STD testing and treatment services and birth control services. We are accepting new clients. If you need Family Planning services, please call our office and ask for Mary or Rocio.

If you have questions about other programs or services, please call our office and our receptionist will connect you with appropriate program staff.

Crawford County Home Health, Hospice & Public Health meets the community's needs through providing public health, home health, hospice, and homemaker services. Crawford County Home Health, Hospice & Public Health has been Medicare certified since May of 1974 and Hospice certified since May of 1999. Public Health services have been provided to the citizens of Crawford County since 1951. The agency is a non-profit organization serving under the direction of the Crawford County Board of Health and receives financial support from the Crawford County Board of Supervisors.

Crawford County Home Health, Hospice & Public Health believes in the human rights of each individual, the value of life, and the goal of achieving the highest standard of health possible for each individual served. The agency believes that these services provided are an important part of the health care delivery system.  It is also believed that a home environment in many cases can enhance and encourage individuals to strive for optimal health. To achieve this goal, coordination and planning must involve the physician, other service providers, and educating the client and/or family. Optimum quality care is important to meet the community health needs.

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